Saturday, April 10, 2010

Girls Track Meet Today!

Katie, and Candace went to the Alta High Invitational Track meet today. This is the top competitors in the Region.
Candace competed in 4 events. Not all of them are her specialty though. (They didn't do the team relays)
She took:
1st - Long Jump
1st - High Jump
3rd - 100 Yard Dash
3rd - 200 Yard Dash

Katie competes in the throwing events. She competed in 1 event today.
She took :
13th - Shot Put !

Friday, April 9, 2010

Moyes Family Picture

Standing: (L) Wendy, Hubby Dallas, Chris. Sitting: Katie, Sue, Dale Candace.

She Such a Good Mom

Even More Excitement Over Easter Break

So... I got back to Bear Lake from The car incident, and there wasn't much day light left. I was pleased to see the girls doing well, and they were bored enough that they cleaned up the condo. It was very clean! ( I wish they would do that at home) We hung out and went to bed. As I was getting ready to go to sleep I text dale to see if the rest of his day went well. He text back and said yes, but he had let the ( very pregnant )cat out and she ran away. He had looked every-where around the neighborhood, called, and called her, but she didn't come home. I just knew she was going to have her kittens, and worried she wouldn't know what to do with them. The next morning( 24 hours later) she showed up at the front door not pregnant any more. Dale put her in the house for fear she would run away again. Then he called me. I suggested he let her out, and fallow her. She took him on a wild goose chase across the street. Turned out some how during all this time, she had given birth that morning in some bushes across the street at the old folks home. One of the workers was taking the garbage out, and she (the cat) got her attention, and was trying to lead her to the kittens. The worker then heard some little mewing in the bushes.
Our cat had 6 kittens, but 3 were already dead. The other 3 were cold. So the workers took them in and warmed them up the best they could. They let Mylo ( our cat) try to feed them but she was nervous, and wouldn't lay down for them. I think she was worried about the other 3 kittens. Anyway the workers called a kitten rescue organization, and they came and picked the kittens up. (they had a nursing mother who fed them) Mean while Dale went in again to the Old folk's home to see if they knew anything. They related their side of the story. Accept they also told him that she kept trying to sneak in to the home with her dead kittens that day.
Well the girls and I got home this evening. I went in to check on Mylo and she was crying for her babies, her milk had come in, and she had torn her house apart looking for them. We finally got a hold of the girl who took the kittens, and were able to drive out to Ogden and get them. they are very tiny, and I don't know if they will survive. but when I put them down for Mylo to see them, she immediately started to lick them, and lied down to feed them. They were all able to latch on and eat. So I hope they survive.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What A Trip!

Monday April 5th
All who's left here is the four of us. Dale, Sue, Candace, & Katie. Dale had to leave in the afternon to get home before it got to late. The weather said it was supose to snow for the next 24 hours.
Dale had been gone maybe 15 minutes, and the girls and I got a call from him. His car broke down about 40 feet past the look out.(15 miles up the canyon) I (Sue) went up to see what I needed to do to help him. A guy had stopped and looked at the car. They tried to jump it, and a few other things, and nothing helped. They turned the car around, and Dale coasted to the look out.
He called Merrilee's husband Art to see what he thought. Ha ha ha! It just so happened they were staying at Sue's Parents condo at Bear Lake. So Art and Merrilee came up to take a look.
Still no luck. (probably the engine) So Sue needed to take Dale home, and come back up to the condo where She left Candace and Katie. By the time we got on our way it was snowing, and blowing hard. We still got back in pretty good time, but the last 90 miles we were driving 30 MPH on the freeway. We drove through the worst part of the storm. It would have been bad to try to go back following behind the storm. So I stayed the night at home, and left to go back in the morning. Because of our membership with world mark we had roadside assistance. So I got a hold of them and arranged for the car to be picked up. It was kind of a pain.
I will try to post some pictures the girls took while I was gone. (They Were Bored)

Easter/ spring break!

We have a whole week this year for spring break! We used some of our points from World Mark to go to Bear Lake.(Harbor Village) We had 2 places reserved for Saturday night so Wendy, Dallas, Chris, and Our nephew Blake had a place to stay. We all met up that night after the guy's stopped at different churches to attend the priesthood session, and Partied! The Kids started out at the pool. Then we took in a couple of videos, then called it a night around 1:30 am.
We were up early Sunday morning when Chris, and Sue made breakfast. We ate, while we listened to the morning session. After, we did allot of visiting, comparing computer skills and programs, and watching more videos etc.. We watched the last session of conference, and Sue made a huge Easter dinner. The guys were eager to go so we had a quick family meeting, then bid farewell to the boys. Wendy and Dallas stuck around for awhile. A bunch of us went to the pool to work off some of the days calories. Wendy and Dallas left pretty late, but everyone got home safe.