Sunday, April 17, 2011

Whoa It's almost been a year!

Well.....Since I last blogged Allot has happened. Last April the engine seized in one of our cars. Later another car broke down, nether have been fixed. So... we have 4 drivers, and 2 cars. May school got out. Both girls got jobs. June, I found out I was going to have a wedding in my back yard in August, and they left it up to me to do the decorations and everything. July we went on a two week vacation. I spent the whole time we drove doing wedding stuff. : ) August the wedding was beautiful. everyone was happy with it. September Candace went off to college on a track scholarship, Katie back as a junior in high school. I went a back to work at the Jr. high. I sure missed the kids. October, and November went by real fast. We had Thanks Giving at our house. It was suppose to be every one's off year, but we had close to 50 people here. It was fun! December Chris proposed to the cutest gal. Her name is Sarah. Dale, Katie and I were in Savior Of The World. It was a wonderful experience. January was great, we were just getting back into the swing of things after the break, when I was told I would be transferred to another school. February I was transferred to Monte Vista. I was put in a class where the students have the most behavior problems, and are low functioning. March I was tackled by a student. Funny thing is he wasn't mad at me. He was just playing a game. I've been put on light duty, and don't know what will happen from here on out. April 14Th Chris and Sarah were married. It was beautiful! The night before we had their wedding dinner in the dark. It was storming, and the power went out. It was fun anyway. That will be a night to remember. Sarah's family is great, and I think I have the greatest Daughter in law ever!

Sunday, May 16, 2010



Candace qualified for state in four events. The maximum you can qualify for!
She compeated in the Long Jump, High Jump, 4 x 100 relay, and the 4 x 400 relay.
The first day of the track meet she compeated in the long jump. She said " It reallydidn't feel like state. She didn't do her best. She took 4th place in the long jump. and she and her two teams qualifyed themselves for the finals in both the 4x100 & 4x400 races for the next day.
The second day she and her teammates took 1st in the 4x100 by a long shot. Then she took alot of mental preperation and took 1st in the high jump. Durring her event she was meditating so well the other girls compeateing against her had to tell her she won! She wasn't going to be able to compeate in the 4x400 because they werre going on at the same time, but she won the high jump so soon in the compitition that there was bearly enough time for her to check in and compeate. Her team was able to win the 4x400! What a day!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Track Season is coming to an end

Well Its that time again. State is next weekend! May 14th & 15th. Candace has Qualified for all her events! She, and her teams have consistently come in 1st or 2nd in most of their events.
This weekend Candace came in : Well here is the news article about them in the Standard Examinar.

The Viewmont girls tried to close in on the Darts behind outstanding performances from Kenzie Cleghorn and Candace Moyes, but were unable to overcome Davis' depth. Cleghorn was second in the 800, third in the 400 (59.77) and ran a leg of the winning 4x400 team. Moyes was first in the high jump (5-4), first in Wednesday's long jump (18-3.5), and ran a leg on Viewmont's second place 4x100 (51.04) and first place 4x400 (4:03.96) teams.
"I'm happy with second," said Melissa Fox, Viewmont girls' coach.
So Candace will compeat in the High Jump, Long jump, and the 4 x100, & 4x400 teams.
She also qualifies for a better scholarship at Utah State University.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Girls Track Meet Today!

Katie, and Candace went to the Alta High Invitational Track meet today. This is the top competitors in the Region.
Candace competed in 4 events. Not all of them are her specialty though. (They didn't do the team relays)
She took:
1st - Long Jump
1st - High Jump
3rd - 100 Yard Dash
3rd - 200 Yard Dash

Katie competes in the throwing events. She competed in 1 event today.
She took :
13th - Shot Put !

Friday, April 9, 2010

Moyes Family Picture

Standing: (L) Wendy, Hubby Dallas, Chris. Sitting: Katie, Sue, Dale Candace.

She Such a Good Mom

Even More Excitement Over Easter Break

So... I got back to Bear Lake from The car incident, and there wasn't much day light left. I was pleased to see the girls doing well, and they were bored enough that they cleaned up the condo. It was very clean! ( I wish they would do that at home) We hung out and went to bed. As I was getting ready to go to sleep I text dale to see if the rest of his day went well. He text back and said yes, but he had let the ( very pregnant )cat out and she ran away. He had looked every-where around the neighborhood, called, and called her, but she didn't come home. I just knew she was going to have her kittens, and worried she wouldn't know what to do with them. The next morning( 24 hours later) she showed up at the front door not pregnant any more. Dale put her in the house for fear she would run away again. Then he called me. I suggested he let her out, and fallow her. She took him on a wild goose chase across the street. Turned out some how during all this time, she had given birth that morning in some bushes across the street at the old folks home. One of the workers was taking the garbage out, and she (the cat) got her attention, and was trying to lead her to the kittens. The worker then heard some little mewing in the bushes.
Our cat had 6 kittens, but 3 were already dead. The other 3 were cold. So the workers took them in and warmed them up the best they could. They let Mylo ( our cat) try to feed them but she was nervous, and wouldn't lay down for them. I think she was worried about the other 3 kittens. Anyway the workers called a kitten rescue organization, and they came and picked the kittens up. (they had a nursing mother who fed them) Mean while Dale went in again to the Old folk's home to see if they knew anything. They related their side of the story. Accept they also told him that she kept trying to sneak in to the home with her dead kittens that day.
Well the girls and I got home this evening. I went in to check on Mylo and she was crying for her babies, her milk had come in, and she had torn her house apart looking for them. We finally got a hold of the girl who took the kittens, and were able to drive out to Ogden and get them. they are very tiny, and I don't know if they will survive. but when I put them down for Mylo to see them, she immediately started to lick them, and lied down to feed them. They were all able to latch on and eat. So I hope they survive.