Sunday, April 17, 2011

Whoa It's almost been a year!

Well.....Since I last blogged Allot has happened. Last April the engine seized in one of our cars. Later another car broke down, nether have been fixed. So... we have 4 drivers, and 2 cars. May school got out. Both girls got jobs. June, I found out I was going to have a wedding in my back yard in August, and they left it up to me to do the decorations and everything. July we went on a two week vacation. I spent the whole time we drove doing wedding stuff. : ) August the wedding was beautiful. everyone was happy with it. September Candace went off to college on a track scholarship, Katie back as a junior in high school. I went a back to work at the Jr. high. I sure missed the kids. October, and November went by real fast. We had Thanks Giving at our house. It was suppose to be every one's off year, but we had close to 50 people here. It was fun! December Chris proposed to the cutest gal. Her name is Sarah. Dale, Katie and I were in Savior Of The World. It was a wonderful experience. January was great, we were just getting back into the swing of things after the break, when I was told I would be transferred to another school. February I was transferred to Monte Vista. I was put in a class where the students have the most behavior problems, and are low functioning. March I was tackled by a student. Funny thing is he wasn't mad at me. He was just playing a game. I've been put on light duty, and don't know what will happen from here on out. April 14Th Chris and Sarah were married. It was beautiful! The night before we had their wedding dinner in the dark. It was storming, and the power went out. It was fun anyway. That will be a night to remember. Sarah's family is great, and I think I have the greatest Daughter in law ever!